Friday, December 16, 2011

Andy's Christmas Party!

Yesterday Alex and I went over to Andy's school for his class Christmas Party!

He came home Tuesday with his Christmas shirt to wear at the party. It was sooo cute! Remember the Fall shirt he made? Well, now I don't know which one is cuter! This time, his hand made an angel...

and his foot made a shepherd! Awesome!

Here is the whole shirt! Verse reads: For unto us is born a Savior! Luke 2

Love it!! I took a few pics of him while we were there. I apologize in advanced. A room full of 2-year-olds on a sugar-high, mommies with squirming babies in one arm camera phone in the other, and grand parents blinding everyone with their mega was a tad bit on the crazy side. ;) But it was fun! Oh! And I am glad to know that my 2-year-old isn't the only one to tell me to put my camera away!

Pictures on the left side going down: Let the sugar high begin lol! / Telling me to stop it (taking pics) / Such a big boy :)

Picture on the right going down: Telling me that he will give me an m&m if I stop "No no, mama. M&M?" / Tried to move to the other side lol / His Christmas ornament he made! His hand print made snowmen! I will get a better picture soon - promise!

Are you kids out of school yet? I cannot believe that Christmas is NEXT WEEK!!

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