Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Cookies, Lights and Pajamas

We just LOVE that we are able to do these things with our little guys. I love that Andy loves to help me bake. He used to just watch. Now he like to take charge! He helps me count eggs and measuring cups of flour and sugar... Finding the number I need on the measuring cup for milk and such. He is fantastic. He even helps me clean up! Awesome :)

1. Helping me unwrap kisses
2. Then we thought of being silly and acting like we really ate all of those lol
3. Licking off the dough - note the sugar on his forehead! (if you click the picture, it will get bigger)
4. Rolling out the dough
5. Had some help from mama, but really not a lot - just when it got sticky and needed more flour
6. The amazing ingredients from Betty Crocker & Hershey's that I won. I won a prize pack of all of this, and apron, and some goodie boxes for a cookie party I was going to host a few weeks ago. Unfortunately, with it being the wintry cold time of year, my boys got sick this time. :( But, we ended up making cookies for some of our neighbors!
7. YUM!!! Peanut butter blossoms!
8. My baking man in training - always start out with a rubber spatula, then a wooden spoon, and THEN you can help mama at the counter!
9. A great little cookie cutter guy
10. Making Santa's soldiers. He calls them soldiers, not nutcrackers. Not sure where he got that idea from. But it is cute!

After dinner tonight, we headed out around town to see some Christmas lights. I tried to get pictures, and I took as many as I could..but these are the best:

1. Love how the lights outline the roof of this house
2. SO awesome. There is that mega snow globe, that boxy snowman, a "seasons greetings" train, wreaths, and I wish I had gotten a decent pic..but there is also a Ferris wheel on the other side! Awesome!!!
3. This is our front door. Finally got it. I still cant figure out the best setting to get the lights to twinkle in the picture, but this is the best for now. :)
4. RTR...ugh. Someone please explain to me what Bama and Christmas have in common.... Yes, fine, red and white... anything else?
5. This house has to have it's own Alabama Power station for the amount of lights that are on this person's house and property. WOW! Very cool!
6. Andrew enjoying the sights of Christmas!

I wish I had gotten a pic of something different we saw... A car that passed us on the road was decorated in Christmas lights! CRAZY! Only the top you had to do a double take if you were speeding LOL

1. Alex trying to get those sneaky reindeer lol
2. I love our Christmas tree!!
3. Andy asking for 1 more cookie even though he has 1 in his had already...
4. Alex just being cute :)
5. Andy putting the ornament back on the tree that Alex took off
6. Jason and his "littlest guy" as he calls him - love it!
7. Seriously, I'm obsessed with our tree!

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