Monday, December 19, 2011

The House Top 10

So much had happened in the past year, that I thought it would be fun to share the TOP 10 POSTS of House of Woyaks! Here we go:

1. Almost Done - 306 views - Christmas shopping is done - oh, wait! Don't forget the stockings! Ideas for great stocking-stuffers for toddlers.

2. Fall Mantle - 229 views - This year's fall mantle began my obsession with Pinterest.

3. $20 Lego Table - 200 views - Why bother with a huge/expensive Lego table when you can use and end table from Target??

4. Bit of a Mix-Up - 185 views - Cleaning/organizing the laundry room/mudroom

5. Countdown to Christmas - 167 views - Celebrating the Advent season with recipes, crafts, etc when you have little ones!

6. The House Notebook - 100 views - A binder that shows what to do when Mom isn't there to answer all the questions (or is having a baby!)

7. Freezer Cooking Fridays - 96 views - Kitchen time during nap time :) I will be bringing this back in January!

8. High Five Magazine - 91 views - Continuing the tradition of Highlights magazine with my children!

9. Weekly Challenge - 84 views - The first of many challenges I tried out as a new mommy of two. This is my adventure of learning to go to the grocery store. It is not as "exciting" as my Target adventure...

10. It's On! - 82 views - The beginning of many organizing challenges with A Bowl Full of Lemons

What a year!! I can't believe 2011 is almost gone! Though, I have to say, I am SO ready for a new year. It is definitely time.

A new blog adventure began this year, too! Every now and then you may see a post that is sponsored, well due to Clever Girls Collective I have had some opportunities in the last few months to make a little extra money here and there. It's been great, especially since Christmas is right around the corner!

Coming up soon: Top 12 moments of the year (well, there are not 10 months...) :) 

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