Sunday, December 11, 2011

I Can Cook Like Paula!

This is a tad bit over due. But, my fabulous parents gave me a super awesome Christmas present! Paula Deen's cookware! YES! WOOT!! Look at the fabulousness of it all!

Hello! Now I can really gourmet it up. I was just pretending before ;)  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this cookware. NOTHING sticks. It heats up so much faster than my old pots and pans. It is just so pretty! I am in the kitchen much more than before. And, I don't dread having to scrub a pan.




My parents rock! Thank you, Mom and Dad! Jason is loving all the meals that I cook up, too, so a "thanks" from him, as well! :)

By the way, how CUTE is this little pot? Need to melt some butter? Pppssh! I gotta pot for that y'all! :)


  1. So happy you love it!!! You deserve it and we are soooo proud of our 'baby girl'! :)


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