Monday, December 12, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

I love in the South for a reason, people. I love the warm weather and enjoying a glass of sweet tea. But it is 47. And, my hands are freezing. Oh, I'm inside the house though...

Friday night, though... It was 10 degrees colder! 37 at the Zoo. I'm shivering just thinking about it. LOL.

Anyway, after our morning adventures with Santa, it was time for lunch and a nap. Once everyone was recharged, we headed back out for more fun!

Starting at the top row:
Alex all bundled up ~ Nutcrackers in the butterfly house
Lots of lights ~ Welcome to the Zoo ~ My favorite misfit, the Polka Dot Elephant
Andy pointing out the lights and all the colors ~ Andy and his Auburn megaphone

Ok, so I have some explaining...

As y'all know (those who keep up with us), we don't really do college football. We are an NFL house. However, when you live in AL, there is no NFL and the first thing people ask you when they meet you is who you root for? And that person always assume you will say either Alabama or Auburn. Well, I was a swimmer so naturally I say "War Eagle" as they have typically had an amazing swim team. Jason says "Roll Tide" just to 
make me crazy...but, maybe he really is a Bama fan. Anyway, Andy LOVES elephants. But he runs around the house/playground screaming "EAGLE"

SO I HAVE NO CLUE! But!!!! The girls at the fan table at the zoo asked him and he said....

EAGLE! Good, boy! LOL

I know, we are silly... Gotta love it! 

Well, after seeing a few more lights, our numbed bodies decided that it was time to go. As we are walking to the car, Andy is VERY sad. But, Jason (all of a sudden) asks him if he wants to get something special. 


This day has been full of special things, what else could there be?! 

How about warmth in a cup at Dunkin Donuts? YAY!

Hot, huh? The hot chocolate, people! But, yeah, he is!!! :)

Isn't this the coolest tree ever?! 

As Mary says (from Jack's big music show)... 

"Whaaaaat a day!!"

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