Sunday, December 4, 2011

Menu Plan

Yes - the pot roast was THAT good that we will be having it again! YUM! The recipe can be found in Paula Deen's new cookbook on page 125.

There are a few recipes that I am doing this week from Disney's Family Fun Cooking with Kids booklet, a gift from the fabulous Kelly!

Get ready for next week:

Crock Pot Week!!
 A whole week filled with dinners and goodies from the fabulous crock pot. Yay! If you want to join in, meet us back here on Saturday the 10th. 

Warning: Your house is going to smell so good, you may want to eat it. Maybe we should do a gingerbread house day for that reason. :)



  1. Heather, is that a picture of a black board in your house? I love that cute sweet banner!

  2. It is pretty cute! I use Shabby blogs for my chalkboard images. I have a button on the right side of the page "Free is beautiful" under the Google Friend Connect.


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