Friday, December 16, 2011

Andy's Treasure Box

Yesterday after we came home from Andy's Christmas party at school, we worked on an Advent project - make a treasure box (yes...a day early lol - oh, well). Andy was pretty excited that he was going to have a treasure box of his own. He was so cute about it!! I asked him about his treasure - what is special to him that he wants to keep in the box. He said Tusker, of course :) But, he also said M&M's and - wait for it - ALEX! Ha! Very cute! He wants to put Alex in a box LOL. I think I wanted to put a few of my brothers in a box at some point, too...except to ship him to Australia or something.

Well, mommies, if you have an empty wipes box and a wild child, then here is an activity for the afternoon!

Pictures on the left side going down: Fun pirate stickers / Picking out the letters / Cutting with safety scissors (he thought that was pretty awesome lol)

Pictures on the right side going down: Grabbing stickers / Adding to his treasure box / Front of treasure box / 2 of the sides.

Do you keep empty wipe containers? Do you have some ideas for reusing these?

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