Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Convo with a Tot

{on the way to school, this is how my conversation with Andy went}

Andy: Moon, mama. 

Me: No, baby. The moon isn't out right now. 

Andy: Mama. Moon. 

Me: Honey, the moon isn't out. It is still sleeping.

Andy: Mama! Moon in sky. 

Me: Ok, you're right. I see it! (I don't really...at least not from where I am sitting driving to school)

Andy: No, mama. Moon sky. (I've been figured out...)

The car is now turning in another direction. 
Me: OH! I do see the moon! You were right, honey! Sorry. The moon is in the sky!. It is very pretty! (Just under a full moon)

Andy: It ok, mama. See moon now.

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