Friday, December 9, 2011

Countdown to Christmas - Day 13

Bible Verse:
"God's Word is like a lamp that lights the path of our lives by showing us how to live in God's truth."
Psalm 119:105

Dear God, Help us to grow in our love and understanding of Your Word. Amen
Today's Activity:
Make luminarias for your front door. Play with flashlight tag if you have older kids.

Here are some easy luminarias I found on Pinterest:

If you kept your baby food jars, like I did, here is your chance to use some of them. Change the wording...don't use words...give them a paint job in Christmas-y colors...etc :)

Maybe you have those large Mason jars - let the kids pour in some Epsom salt and done!

What did you do for today's activity? Link up below!

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