Friday, December 2, 2011

Fire Truck Friday

This morning, the Moms and Tots group at our church headed over to the Fire Department for a tour with the kids. It was really cool to see a firehouse, especially one decked out. I wish I had gotten a better picture of the "man cave" they had... There were lazyboys for EVERYONE and a HUGE  flat screen complete with everything needed. Crazy! But, when they are not cheering for their football team, they are preparing for rescues and being a "family away from family."

 Here are some of them cooking breakfast for each other. It smelled really good, too. And, HELLO! Look at the kitchen. Stainless steel. Enough food storage space for an army. And... CLEAN! 

After we got to take a peek at the living quarters and office space, we headed out to the firetrucks. All of the kids were dying to get out there. We saw the old school firetruck, a regular firetruck, and the huge ladder truck. They also had a trailer that hitches to any of the firetrucks when needed. The trailer is stocked with everything that anyone could possible need for up to 2 weeks (maybe a bit more). We were told that since 9/11, Homeland Security made sure that money was given to fire stations all over to have what was needed in case of another (there so better not be...) disaster such as that.

It was so much fun and I was glad we got to do this. All the kids (and moms, too!) really enjoyed this morning's adventure!

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