Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mondays are for Playing {#31days}

Isn't that the prettiest morning view!? It is a gorgeous fall day that has hints of a storm headed this way.  Hopefully the storm will decide to do it's thing BEFORE dark. I don't do night time storms...

We have been doing quite a bit of playing today! We got all of school stuff out of the way, but ended it with some Halloween shows we found on YouTube. The rest of the day has been like this:

Do you see that little yellow object in Austin's hand above? He was so proud of himself for finding that little dragon. He walked over to show it to me. I asked, "Do you have a tiny dragon?" He said, "Ya!" with a big smile behind that binky. So cute!

While we were playing, we got on the subject of Halloween (their costumes are already purchased...).

Andrew: Mama, Party City said that they have millions of options in time for Halloween.
Me: I already bought your costumes. Remember?
Andrew: Oh, well...did you get them at Party City?
Me: No, I got them at Costco a few weeks ago. Why?
Andrew: They have Halloween for less. Maybe you should go there next time.

Seriously? Seriously.

Stupid channels with commercials. This is why we typically stick to PBS... I asked Andrew how he knew this and he said it was a commercial after Team Umizoomi. Then Alex chimes in with the, "Yeah, and I saw a toy that has a smasher truck and a swinger ball that crashed down buildings. I need that."

Thanks, marketing people. I'm sure you are most pleased. However, nope. Costco's costumes were $14.99 each - and they came with all the stuff and MUSCLES. Ohhh. Awesome. And, your dump truck smasher thing (also, why does it have to burp?)? It will be destroyed in a few days play because toy companies no longer make quality toys. So, sorry. You lose.

There's my marketing/consumerism rant for today. ;)



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