Sunday, October 19, 2014

Sunday Sweets {#31days}

These two...

Have you heard that song by Katy Perry, Hot N Cold?

Well that's like these two, in a way...

Only it's that one's hot, the other's cold. One says yes and the other no (louder and many times). He's wrong and he's right. One goes up and the next one goes down.

It's exhausting really.

But then most of the time, they are the sweetest boys in the world. The best 2 big brothers that a little brother could ask for. Austin wants to do EVERYTHING that his big brothers do.

And, they let him (sometimes). Though, only a little.

Like, the boys said that Austin was fussy because he didn't want to play in the stroller. He wanted to play on the playground. Only, they wanted him to be safe so he needed to be in the swing.

Then, the boys wanted to play in the Army Jeep (we were at the Veterens' Park) and they needed Austin to be the trailer.

Not exactly what he had in mind...

But there are times when the bigger ones are acting all wild and crazy:

These are the times that I see that look in his eyes... When he is watching closely and learning about these things:

Now that he is walking...he knows. He knows that  he will be leaping and running and joining this wild life soon enough.

He's just giving mommy a break.


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