Saturday, October 18, 2014

Saturday's Duties {#31days}

There isn't much going on today excited a whole lot of getting this house just right. We have such a long list to get our home prepped for the market this Spring (which is why we started so early).

The boys raked the front yard, while I got the mailbox repainted (and realized that the replacement numbers I got are too small..grrr...).

Aren't they adorable!? Those rakes are the real deal just in kid-size. And, yes, they raked most of that pile themselves just so they could do this:

Man, I love these guys. Austin was napping while this was going on. So, he will just have to come out and play in the piles they made in the backyard.

Good times!

Next up: Staining the front door...again. Anyone know of a good UV protection stain? Also, The bushes are getting a trim. And the yard, too. Also, some sort of edging situation to the beds. Any cheap ideas on that, guys?


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