Friday, October 17, 2014

Making Up Thursday - Zoo {#31days}

I was almost going to title this just Thursday until I realized that these pictures were from Wednesday. And, then that clued me into the fact that Tuesday's post actually had pictures from Wednesday, too. Oh, dear... So much for being uber-organized, right? Oh, well.

Also, so much for having my 2.5 hour time frame to work with. Austin is starting to wake up and I still have to get dinner started. Maybe we will just do leftovers or order pizza tonight. I don't know. But, there will be a post for Friday today. It will be later, but still today. And I think I may even share a rather hilarious story. It will show my insane side. Oh, wait, you've already seen that side. Well, it's pretty funny. You'll see.

Anyway, here are some pics of our zoo fun from Wednesday, not Thursday. I know the grandparents will enjoy these. Austin is looking more and more like a big boy!

You can totally see the two birds on the lower right hand corner saying, "Look at that guy. Poor, Fred, thinks he can fly." And the other one in the way back, "Simmer down, Fred. This is a no-fly zone." No? The boys thought it was funny. This is our new thing now at the make the animals "talk." Haha - good times!

Love this guy. Alex is pretty awesome, too. Kidding... Alex has been the poster child for "Torrential Threes" lately...

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