Thursday, October 23, 2014

2 Weeks & Counting {#31days}

There are exactly 2 weeks until my, my biggest baby will be 1 year old. That's right. This guy:

He has developed quite the personality in the past few months.

He absolutely LOVES being outside and the swings are his favorite thing.

He is beginning to figure out how things work and loves "playing school" with the big boys.

Figured out to put the bottle in the truck and give it a ride - so cute!
Mister has dropped down to one nap now. But it is all random still. So, we are working on keeping him occupied during school time.
He loves doors. He loved opening them and closing them. But knows for sure he doesn't like getting pinched by them.

Wait...this isn't Narnia, is it?
Loves to cook, too. Well, he loves to put things in the oven and shut the door.
I think that his favorite thing to do is make a mess... Or maybe that's because he knows he will get to play in the water afterwards?

He loves to smile, too! And we DEFINITELY love seeing that super cute grin.

Such a sweet little boy he is (Who am I? Yoda? Haha! Boy mom. What can I say?) We love him bunches!! We are just doing a little something, just the 5 of us, at the house. A cake and some presents from all. A sweet day to come for a sweet little toddler!


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