Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sabotage!! {#31days}

Please tell me that y'all have seen Cutthroat Kitchen?! Seriously my new favorite Foot Network Show. It is awesome. (Go ahead - watch here and come back)


I just love the sabotages!! And guess who else does?

The boys. Andrew and Alex love it so much that they PLAY Cutthroat Kitchen! Hilarious!!

Now, if you didn't take the time to watch even a glimpse of the show here's the rundown:

Basically, it's like the everyday kitchen cook-off show. Three awesome chefs, three dishes to make, and one is cut each round - leaving, of course, the winner. Only Alton Brown, the best host ever, throw in some CRAZY sabotages that the chefs can bid on to mess up the other ones. The fist time I ever watched this, one of the chef's bid on chopsticks. No biggie, right? WRONG! He gave those chopsticks to his opponent to use as their ONLY cooking utensil for that round!! Mmmmwuhahaha!

Hilarious! I love it. Go, Alton!

Anyway, back to the boys.

I shall set the scene....

Andrew is Alton (because he is the oldest and that's apparently the rule)
Alex is the Chef Guy (I'm assuming he meant Guy Fieri because that's his favorite..ahem, guy!)
Mama is Chef Mommy (wait!? why am I playing?! Andrew says, I mean Alton, says that I'm already making dinner so I should just play)

No one has any money. There is just a bunch of yelling about "dollars!" and Alton going around telling me how much time I have. No matter that the kitchen timer says that it's ready when it's ready. Alton says I have 10 minutes. Alex Chef Guy starts to go nuts.

Because he has be...SABOTAGED!

He must bake all of his food together and put his pots away for 5 minutes.But I didn't do it.

Alton did it. 

Alex said it was ok because he didn't know what he was making. Yep, that looks quite questionable to me, too...

But, don't you worry. I got sabotaged, too. Ouch.

I had to throw always of my "shake spices" and use the toy spices instead.

Those stuffed bell peppers are going to be quite bland, eh?

Oh, goodness! What a fiasco making dinner turned out to be...

Kidding...the dinner-making hour is ALWAYS a fiasco. But at least this time it was entertaining. Maybe we should play Cutthroat Kitchen all the time!

But with no sabotages (of any kind!) to mama! I need as few of those as possible!


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