Friday, October 24, 2014

7 Quick Takes {#31days}

I know. It's been a bit since the last 7 Quick Takes... But, here we go!

1. How we do it: The Plague

Yes, the plague. In motherhood, that is what you call it. Anything is the plague because if mama gets it the entire house WILL fall. Who is going to take care of the laundry? The meals? The questionable spot on the floor?!

"You will turn another boy show" ~ Jedi Apprentice Alex

Fortunately, the only ones afflicted with the sickness were just Andrew and Alex. And, thankfully, it only lasted a day. WHEW! Ain't nobody got time for that!

But, we had to make whatever time we had with bug decent. So, there was way too much TV, a never-ending supply of liquid refreshment, and enough Cheerios to build a life-size version of the Empire State Building (which, of course, were crushed into the carpet that I hate by a certain little one who had the quarantine lifted...)

2. SHOCKING NEWS: Superheroes beat anything in the end!

It is true. Somehow the supers always do it! Even the smaller ones.

3. Jinkies! You went to the zoo...again?! 

Groovy. The zoo is, of course, decked out for the annual Boo at the Zoo! Headed out there tomorrow night! Trick or treats and so much more!!

Though, of course, you would never know that we have been to the zoo EVERY WEEK since becoming members when Andrew was about a year old... These are some serious map guys...

Alex is showing where we are on the map. Andrew is pointing out the hawk around the turn. So cute.

4. What does the fox say? Get-get-get-get-me-out!! 

Kidding. Austin was the one who wanted to get him out! He FINALLY got to see HIS FOX. Oh, yes. His fox, Zookeeper Girl. When we got to this habitat and he saw that fox running around, he stretched out his little arms and made that grabbing motion with his hands. Alex told him, "That's a fox! He lives here!" Andrew was pointing out the glass (hand on the window). Austin was not at all impressed and just kept wanting to get his fox. It was pretty cool watching The Zookeeper work with the fox while we were there.

 5. What's weirder than that song??


There are just really no words. But I'll try. See (stupid Target and October's Pumpkin Obsession), these were on "clearance" (just stop it Target...a 45-cent mark-down is NOT clearance...). And, hey, it's October. I love me some pumpkin. Why not?

Well, they aren't bad... But, they aren't amazing. I don't know. Alex said a very clear "YUCK!" while Andrew was just being nice by saying, "They are good, but I don't want anymore. I want to eat all my lunch." Austin, however, was the biggest fan. Of course, he hold the current title of Bottomless Pit, so what does he know? I'm not completely hating on them, but I think I'll just stick to my Pumpkin Spice Lattes and where ever I can find a gluten-free Pumpkin Pie treat.

6. Boys can play dress-up, too!

Cuteness, right??

But where did we get all this awesome stuff???

Well, many places. But, yes, mostly Target. The Dollar Spot this time of year ALWAYS has some great items to add to your dress-up stash. Wands for girls...swords for boys. Hats of all kinds. And accessories galore. Good stuff.

Also? The Halloween section....the week AFTER Halloween. When everything goes on clearance, I go take a peek. You never know what you may find still hanging around. We got a great fireman jacket and very durable fire hat a few years ago on clearance for around $8 or something.

Another great spot to check? The consignment and thrift shops! I have 2 army green cargo vests that the boys use for exploring and all kinds of things. Both were in the $2-4 range. Score.

7. Saved the best for last!

This guy.

 This is my youngest brother, William! Today is his birthday!! The big 13!

Let me just tell you how cool this guy is:

1. The boys ALL love him to death and always ask about him.
2. William is the only brother of mine that Jason has known almost  his whole life. (Jason and I met when the summer before he turned 2).
3. And, because of that cool fact, William was our ring bearer!! (He was about 5 and half).
4. William is SO funny!
5. He thinks he can beat me at Mario Kart
6. But really he is going to get blasted by yours truly

Kidding! We love you William! You are one awesome brother! Happy birthday!

(Now, go turn on your wii and invite me!!)



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