Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Even Dinosaurs Need a Fresh Start {#31days}

Last week was rough. Though I'm still not sure if that is the best word for last week.

Jason worked like crazy all last week, plus most of Saturday. He left before the boys woke up and was home as we were half-way through dinner (sometimes after dinner). It was not fun.

Jason usually takes care of the bedtime routine while I clean up the kitchen and have a moment to myself. He does the showers, the pajamas, the stories, and the prayers. I come say goodnight and that is that.

But, nope. Last week it seemed as if each day was a disaster when that time was approaching. That "witching hour" - HA! More like HOURS. I mean, wow. Is that how it is when he's doing this? I wouldn't really know. Maybe he has all the patience because he didn't have to deal with little dictators all day long (Yes, dictators. You mamas know exactly what I mean...)

They are totally plotting something in that picture... You know you can see it, too. What? I haven't a clue. The bigs were all whispers and the tiny one was giggling while eating a book. We don't eat books, mister!

Anyway, the next Monday came as the calendar had promised. And this week is supposed to be better than the last (work-wise). Only he is all over the state this time. So the dinner/bedtime routine will be just as fun as last week, I'm sure.

Except this week started off much better... It started with a bunch of giggles in the kitchen. The boys were doing something in there while I was getting Austin ready for the day. And, even I had to laugh at it!

I guess even dinosaurs need a fresh start, too! It can be rough out there, Mr. Dinosaur. Make sure you have a full tank of that stuff.



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