Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturdays: Just As Busy {#31days}

If we aren't traveling to visit family, then you can usually find us getting our grocery shopping done, playing at a park, or hanging around the house. But most of the time it is getting the groceries.

Sometimes, it is just me and one of the boys. Or it is all of us. It just depends on what the day may hold for us. And today was a great one!

We headed out this morning after breakfast and tidying up for our day's adventure.

First stop: Best Buy. Not for anything in particular. We had to kill some time before heading across the parking lot to Moe's for lunch. The boys LOVED this pit-stop!

They were loving that Wii U. It was pretty cool.

After lunch, we ran a few mini errands before hitting up Costco. With 3 growing boys and a daddy in the house, becoming a warehouse member is just what you do. Though for a mama who likes to menu plan, it's a different process and I'm not the biggest fan at the moment. I did find a few menu plans that I am working through right now. So we shall see...

We finally headed back home to get the little one down for a nap and the bigger ones some needed playtime, while I got some of the menu items out of the way. I got 3 out of the 15 dinners made. Yay!

I tried to take a nap afterwards and, yeah, apparently Austin's "mama wants to rest" alarm went off. I soon as I hit the pillow, he was all, "Waaa!!!! Mama!! Ma! Ma! Mama!"

Ugh. Not fair. Oh, well. Guess I'll attempt going to bed early tonight. Hahaha! Let's be real, people. That is so not going to happen. The night is when I get all the other stuff done that didn't happen after my quiet time. Besides, sleep is for the weak. I kid, I kid.

When everyone was wanting a snack, we opted for dinner instead. A very early dinner. Apparently, I now offer an Early Bird Special when the kitchen is open. (Yes, I have operating hours. The boys know, too. When the kitchen light goes off, don't be asking for anything!).

Really though, we did do an early dinner as we needed to go to Mass tonight instead of the morning. And, of course, we go to the one closer to our house this time. And, of course, they have NO nursery. I'm sorry. I'm just one of those moms that needs the baby (around the 4-6 month mark for me)in the nursery so I can get all that I can from the Mass. The moms that take all their kiddos to Mass...more power to you. I am not that mama.

Andrew and Alex? Now they go to Mass unless they have Sunday school. But, as I said, this was Saturday evening and around that "witching hour" (hmmm...if you are going to Mass, can you still call it that? Haha! Kidding.). So, Andrew, who is typically very well-behaved at Mass, was very giggly and just, oh my. So, he sat next to Jason. Alex, who we are still working on proper church behavior, was just not in the mood for any of it. We had the giggles, the bounces, the folded arms, the pout face..

AND! As we are coming back to our seats after Holy Communion.... Alex crashes into the window next to the door. Poor guy. He didn't think it was a window... But, yes. crashes. Like, with a bang. A big, booming bang. So loud that the usher came to see if he was ok... My poor Alex was having his version of the terrible, horrible, no good very bad Mass. And, of course, since that happened he was mad the remainder of time there... Awesome.

After we were out, Jason and I decided that the boys needed to run off all this energy that they had. So we headed to the park. Yep, at this point it was after sunset, too (Did you know that some playgrounds stay open until 10 pm...? Wow. That's what ours said on the sign. Interesting.), so of course, the boys thought this was super cool. We probably stayed about 30-40 minutes before leaving to get them ice cream. I know, right? What are we doing?! Playgrounds in the dark and ice cream before bed. We rock, you know.

It was a pretty awesome day, even though we had a few bumps (some quite literal) in the road. Here's to another great day!!


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