Sunday, October 12, 2014

What's in the Bag? {#31days}

Note: Yes, I talk about Skip Hop and their amazing diaper bag. But, no, they have nothing to do with that. I just love their products and wanted to share. 

Remember that Sunday prepping I was talking about? Well, there is one extra item that I double check every night. I felt needed a post all on it's own: The Bag. 

I love my bag. It goes by many names: the baby bag, the diaper bag, the why's-this-damn-thing-so-heavy-bag, and, of course, the Mary Poppins Bag. But, I do. I love it. So much in fact that this is my SECOND version of this bag. Skip Hop makes great bags.
I found my first one at Babies R Us and my second one (pictured) was found on clearance at Target last year. It is perfect for wearing messenger style or hanging on the stroller (with either just the main strap or with the special stroller clips). This is key because freed hands are good. But the inside is what really counts. I'm all about pockets and being organized (shocker, right?).

So, here's a tour of my bag:

Outside mesh pocket: A water bottle for either myself or the boys if they are all of a sudden dying of thirst...ahem...

Little pocket on opposite side: keys

Front double pockets: Phone and wallet in one, list/mail/errand in the other OR these pockets will hold the bigger boys water bottles if we are at the zoo/park/etc

Shallow hidden zipper pocket: Another place where my keys are found, my Rosary, chapstick

Deeper hidden zipper pocket: Extra binky/binky strap, a few small baby toys, Austin's sunglasses and a bib

Inside double pockets: Diapers/Wipes in one (I usually keep only 2 diapers in here - more are kept in the car), and a small zippered bag in the other. This contains baby food pouch, baby spoon, diaper cream, bandaids extra chapstick, hand sanitizer, extra hair ties, and emergency snacks.

Main area: I have this nifty zippered pouch that holds snacks. I also keep a sippy cup of water in this area for Austin.
Depending on the season, I will either pack a beanie and a cozy blanket (I love the Cozy Swaddles by Aden + Anais, by the way. It is heavier than their normal ones but still lightweight) for Austin for the fall/winter or sun hat.

On the back of the bag is a larger open pocket, too. I use this for any papers we get while we are out. Like library calendars, bigger mail is the perfect side for a file folder. I used to have a file folder in there actually when running back and forth to school. Now, I just grab one when I need something from the doc's office and the like.

This bag helps make my life easy, I think. How about you? Do you have a favorite bag? Do you have that running checklist of all these items you need? Here's a great checklist that I have used for a while - has everything that you need for a baby AND a toddler. Add/subtract the things you need/don't use and voile! You've got it, mama! Get packing now. Monday's coming.


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