Sunday, October 26, 2014

Boo at the Zoo 2014!! {#31days}

What a super busy, crazy fun Saturday we had!

Here's a quick run down of the events:

Car maintenance to van - Thanks goodness for the AWESOME Honda Lounge complete with goodies...and coffee!
Grocery run to Costco - this time for stocking up madness!
Home for lunch, naps, and some Cutthroat Kitchen marathon and playtime.
Boo at the Zoo time!!! Yay!!

I love it!! Let's walk down memory lane a bit, shall we?
Boo at the Zoo 2010

I know, ok. You are ready for this year! And, let me just tell you - this was also STAR WARS NIGHT!!! Hello?! I was so excited!!! And SO excited that the boys were excited. I seriously cannot wait for them to see the movies!!

Ok, to the pictures!!

Oh,the lines... WOW. When the announcer guy said that they opened a cash-only line... You should have seen the people....herds!! running to that one. I mean, wow. Knocking over the line markers, people. Didn't matter. They needed to get their boo on.

BUT! While we were patiently waiting (after we moved over to the shortest line semi-calmly), another dad handed Jason 2 ride/activity tickets and an "unlimited ride/activity wristband. Nice. Those things are expensive. Apparently his kids were OVER it. Thank you, Random Dad. You just saved us $20!

 Oh, yes, I did get my picture with a Storm Trooper!! Andrew thought he was cool, but a little nervous about him as he got closer. He is awesome. Andrew will come around. They have already started watching the Lego Star Wars DisneyXD (and, Disney...stop it. Oh, please don't ruin it. Just stop it NOW). So, it's only a matter of time!

Family Photo Fail #1 - The "Oh, I forgot to take a pic of us!" photo in the Trick or Treat Trail line. of these days we will all be the same comics brand. Marvel (yuck!) and DC (yay!) just don't mix. (Can you tell I don't have any sisters and that I LOVE being a boy mom?!)

Oh, that star. Captain America has quite the serious star on his costume. Perfect for late night trick-or-treating though!

Poor guy. Yes, he did get a few candies thrown into his bucket. But, Andrew was on "babywatch" - anything that got thrown in there was put into the boo bag on the stroller. He did get a few bites of some Twix bars. But, he was not impressed...

Family Photo Fail #2 - I just want to point out that this was NOT my fault.


First of all, I do try hard to teach my boys that if you see someone holding up a camera/phone to take a picture, FREEZE! Someone is CLEARLY trying to get a picture of their little ones, just like YOU wanted to take a picture of your little ones just moments ago. I took about 5 of these before the whining started. And This was the only winner. The other 4 had these 2 little girls running all over the place. WHERE ARE YOUR PARENTS?! There were, like, a million people here! (That could be true...the parking was like never before. We parked in a parking lot that I didn't even know existed at the Zoo.)

Halloween Plinko! I'm glad someone still loves The Price is Right! And, let's just say...The Hulk was quite please to smash something! He just kept on hitting! Oh, dear....

Alex was my brave little superhero! He is still a little nervous, but he DID get his picture taken with the TIE Pilot!!


Even though it was crowded, it was such a great night!


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