Monday, October 6, 2014

The Day After {#31days}

Oh, man. The day after coming back from any trip is always rough. Especially when you have to throw in the need for groceries and dropping off your husband at work. But, we made it through the day on a messy (and delicious) note.

After taking Jason to work this morning, we grabbed breakfast a Chick-Fil-A and headed to Target. It was great to be able to meet up with Kelly while there! Us mamas got to talk and enjoy some coffee while my guys gobbled down their breakfast (gotta love the Target cafe spot). We shopped around for a bit until it was time to actually get the groceries from the other side of the store, then we headed home.

The boys were AWESOME. They helped bring in the groceries and put them away! They helped me get the suitcases and stuff put away, too. While they were being busy bees, Austin was playing with the magnets and found out that they stick to the dishwasher (which he found to be quite funny). 

After a while, the boys had lunch and got to the much needed playing with ALL of their toys... They room was a disaster zone by the end of the day.

But, of course, with lots of play comes LOTS of sillies. So, we chilled out a bit and made some autumn trees.

Once Austin was ready for a nap, I got dinner going and started getting the house back together.

And, while the house smelled great and looked decent enough, the attitudes of all were drastically changing... Austin was mad at the world for some reason (maybe he is still teething). Andrew and Alex were more wile than ever and driving me mad. We all tried playing together with the Duplos, but Austin just threw everything. We tried a "boy show" (PBS and Nick Jr. and stuff...) and that just made it worse. Finally, I had to resort to yelling at everyone to sit at the table and no more talking until dinner (in like 10-15 minutes...). They did some of their school work on their dry erase workbooks (complete with mad faces and whining - sweet). We were all just tired, I know, but wow. I'm just glad it was at that end of the day and not the beginning.

As we finished up dinner, Jason asked who needed showers. Alex goes, "Not me!" And Andrew points at Austin saying, "This guy needs one." Hahaha! Oh, Andrew, you are so funny!

What a day!

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