Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Sick N Stuck {#31days}

Sick and stuck... Not exactly a fun combination, you know?

Unfortunately that's what it was for us Tuesday. But, thankfully, today (Wednesday) everyone is MUCH better. Not more fevers and no more yuck. Everyone is just now down for naps and I'm going down, too. Mama needs a siesta (and a margarita).

While we rest up to 100%, here are some pics from yesterday plague.
Not a fan of the boys being quarantined... He wanted his brothers so bad!

From Instagram: Military Vs. Monsters - who will win this epic battle?!

Cool army guys - we found these at Target in the "Toy Spot" next to the toy department. Very cool!

Cannot believe that he is almost 1!!! Look how big he thinks he is! So cute!! He loves those superheroes :)


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