Sunday, October 12, 2014

How We Do It: Sunday Prepping {#31days}

You learned yesterday that Saturday is our grocery day. So, can you guess what Sunday is for?

Getting ready for another week. 

I got the rest of our meals (about 10 more ) done and in the freezer this morning - whew! The rest can be made that day I need it. So, yay! I took a mini break with with boys and watched the rest of The Great Pumpkin with them before getting lunch going.

After lunch we did some major playing (We even threw in some impromptu Christmas list making... Apparently more dragons and knights are needed as "Austin doesn't have an army," says Andrew). Boys... They crack me up with their imaginations. The cannon balls were confiscated a few months back, so they currently are out of luck. But no worries... People can be blasted from cannons instead.

I got to be the Guard. Why? Because he has nice clothes. And, mommies wear nice clothes. Ok. I'm wearing my jeans that have holes today, but ok. I will play along. Awesome times.

Anyway, back to the Sunday prepping...

After I get all the dinners made/prepped for the week, I move along to lunches. If I know we are going to be out all day, I have the lunches made (or planned for that day) and packed. So I can just grab the cooler and go.

Of course, I have my planner out letting me know what exactly is going on for the week. I typically will have the school lessons planned and everything printed out, if needed. I also have either already picked up the books from the library or have a list of books to grab while there for story time. Also, any errands that need to be done, I make sure to plan those for the the days we are out and about.

Once everything has been planned out for the week (as best as possible anyway), we fill in the blanks with play dates, park adventures, or throw in an afternoon of movies (the house isn't going to clean itself, unfortunately). It really just depends on what all we have going on.

And, that's how I plan for the upcoming week. It's a lot of work, but at least the stress doesn't come from "what on Earth are we doing today?!" Just the typical stress of a house filled with boys. Most of it is good, though.


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