Wednesday, October 8, 2014

The Slow Start to Fall Cleaning {#31days}

The day started off quiet and all, but that did not last at all. I'm not entirely sure what the deal was today. They were There are no words for today, really. Luckily I have pictures to share from this morning. 

We mixed up a Halloween Pack and an Autumn pack today. I like the bat game. Basically, it is like the dice games we have been playing. Roll the dice and add it up. Only this time they had to fill up their sheets. Very cute. And, you can really see how Andrew's work differs from Alex's. Andrew starts kindergarten next year - GASP!! So, I am giving him the harder things. But he loves it. He is all about adding and subtracting. Love it!!

Afterwards, they watched some Blue's Clues (Alex's pick) and suddenly were asking for 2 boxes, a flashlight, and some "holders" - very specific. I can't find the episode to link it here. But it's the one with Steve and they make a train out of these things. So, my house turns into a couple of train stations and other stops, while Austin naps and I get some things done around here. Nice. Thanks, Steve and Blue! Of course, we did keep the train out for Austin to try out later.

A little bit later...

Well, we are slowly starting our fall cleaning around here. The boys and I even cleaned the outside toys, raked leaves into piles, and decided what to keep/donate/trash. While we took care of business, this guy told us what's what:

Clearly, he says, "This is my chair!" Love the faces he makes!

We all came in after sweating up a storm (it's October and 85...what in the world, people?!), Austin took a quick nap and the boys built stuff with legos so I could grab a shower. Once most of the house was back together (I try to keep it nice so Jason doesn't always come home to chaos...haha), I put in a Halloween classic for the boys. Ok, for me, too. I LOVE this movie!

And, yes, we do plan on going back to Bass Pro Shops again to go see The Great Pumpkin!! YAY!

Happy Fall, Y'all!!


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  1. I remember when my boys saw that same episode and wanted to make a train too. So sweet. I just adore the Charlie Brown Halloween cartoon but I haven't seen it in ages. Must correct this immediately. :-)


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