Friday, October 17, 2014

Tuesday - Like "Old Times" {#31days}

Y'all we have like the best friends. Ever since our sad decision of leaving our amazing school to homeschool preschool (to save some money for a new house...), we have had to work at keeping in touch with everyone. It has been great in some ways; chaotic in others. But, these friends have just been absolutely amazing and just so supportive of our decision. (And, yes, I know I can see some of y'all rolling your eyes.. it's just preschool, I know. But, it is what it is for us.)

Last year around this time, Andrew's class had a Community Helpers Assembly. Well, this year, I was planning on just doing a fire safety day or something here at home. Until I got a phone call...

After a few conversations and some emails, Amanda got us invited to join what would have been Andrew's class AND what would have been Alex's class for their Fire Safety Day! How cool is that?! See? We have some awesome people in our lives!


FYI - This guy? Not a fan of the fireman crawling on the ground... But, I am glad they do this to show kids to NOT be afraid of the ones who are coming to save us.  

Afterwards, we said our miss yous, thank yous and goodbyes to our friends (and, in my head, wondering why on earth we left such a great place...but knowing the answer just the same)

Such a great day!! Thanks for having us!!


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