Sunday, October 12, 2014

Walking at 11 Months!!

Check it out!! Austin is walking!! YAY!! (click to make it bigger)

And, look what I found! But, first... I KNOW that I have a picture of Andrew getting his first pair of shoes at the Stride Rite store... Mark and Sarah were with us. And, why I can't find it, I have no idea. But, I did find these!

Alex walking about a month before his 1st birthday - I KNOW he started around the 10-11 month mark... But, alas... 2nd child.

Andrew walking around with careful confidence a month after he turned 1. But, I know for a  FACT that he started walking at 10 months. I wonder if I can pull up that credit card info. I just want to prove that I remember it. LOL

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