Monday, October 6, 2014

Weekend Recap {#31days}

Welcome back!

We took a quick trip down to Florida for Brendan's birthday - so much fun! Here's a look back at what we did and some things that helped us during our visit!

Getting ready to go! So, this is how I pack everyone when we are going on a trip for just a weekend or to Almost-Canada:

I know... what a mess. It probably doesn't help that Austin likes to unpack everything, either. Ugh. But, I promise there is a system! Also, while Austin was helping me pack, the boys were doing a little crafting:

For the boys, however many days we will be gone equals an outfit, then I always pack an extra. I add in pajamas and extra underwear. Also, whatever they wear TO the destination is usually what they will wear home. And to make thing even easier, Andrew actually packs his bag and helps Alex with his things.

The boys bags are super awesome, by the way. One of my favorite bloggers, Jen from I Heart Organizing, posted about them a while ago and I bought them that day. Sadly, Pottery Barn Kids doesn't sell that specific one anymore, but I found that this one is very similar. Good thing, too. I need one for Austin!

Now, I absolutely have to have a checklist when I pack...because I'm weird like that. And this one, from Sharon (Mom of 6),  is my go to packing list.

We got to Pensacola late that night...well, 9 something. Late for the boys... But, we partied with the until about 10:30? Maybe 11. Not sure. But we had goodies and lots of fun!

Of course they woke up early, but stayed pretty quiet (All 5 of us share my old room LOL Crazy and fun! But, darn, I should have gotten a picture of that! Next time!!) Anyway, no matter, because there is ALWAYS coffee at my parent's house. And, coffee at my mom's is the best coffee!! Her cups are awesome...

Everyone hanging out after breakfast:

William and I sharing a cup of hot apple cider - our fall favorite!

Now, Austin did take a nap while we were there, but really when we knew he was tired and needed his little batteries recharged. There was a lot going on for the little guy. But he was fine with it and didn't have too much trouble, honestly. He such an easy going guy for the most part.

After we headed to Mass Saturday night, we all headed to La Hacienda for Brendan's birthday dinner. Which, as the oldest and only sister, was by far the BEST part of the trip. I love getting my brothers when they least expect it. It is the greatest, ever!

Let me give a little side story... The one awesome advantage of having such a bug family is that you can get things done with out anyone noticing. There is already so much going on, right? Well Brendan was sitting at one end of the table and 3 of my other brothers (plus Jason and the baby) were at the other end. We all secretly decided to get him (enter mad scientist laughter) the next time the waiter came to refill drinks. And, get him we did! HAHAHA! Love it!! How about a video??

Yes, please!! And, you can make it bigger by clicking on it. Also, you can visit Instagram.

Ah, I love being a big sister!

Now, then, back to the trip!

The actual party day came the following day and it was super fun! The boys were decked out in camouflage for Brendan, as he is entering the Army at the end of the summer. Austin was a big fan of Brendan's :)

Isn't his cake awesome? Publix does a great job!!

Present time!! And the boys took over his gamer chair for a bit. Maybe that will be our Christmas card! LOL Hey, we DO live in Alabama, y'all... I kid, I kid!
It was this fabulous chica's birthday weekend, too! This is Grace, my mom's BFF's daughter. 

Sadly, the weekend did have to end... But everyone was ready to head home after such a great time. Andrew was little upset to leave Grandma's 

Though, he was back to happy when we were stopped at the train crossing!

I had to share this picture I took on the way home. Don't you just love those cotton fields? Southern snow... And, FYI, Mr. Weatherman: This is the ONLY kinds of "snow" we want to see this year. Thanks.

We finally get dinner and, then, home. All the boys are showered and snuggled in their beds. Time to get ready for the week. 


So, how was your weekend?

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