Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 4 - Linen Closet + A Bonus Secret

Ah, ha! A secret! Well, my family knows, so only partly secret.

But for the moment...welcome to the 1/2 organized linen closet sized for Thumbelina.

Honestly, we have a pretty decent sized bathroom. Spacious counter with double sinks and a HUUUUGE tub that I can lay down completely flat on my back with extra room to stretch. It is a monster garden tun and I loooove it!! But what is with this itty-bitty closet? Hello?! The builders 1) were obviously of the male species and 2) were soooo not thinking. But whatever. Wanna know the secret now? See that very bright lime green bag on the bottom shelf to the right? Hmmm....

Yes, my obsession with Bath & Body Work Vanilla Bean Noel. I can only get it at Christmas time and I told anyone who wanted to know that this is what I would love for Christmas (other than my awesome Kindle! But I gotta relax in my huge tub, too.). Oh, yes, this is my stash. Currently, I'm using the shower gel, spray, body cream and, anti-bac lotion. This pile is my backup pile. Yes, I use it all year. Just because there is a picture of a Christmas tree and snow on the bottle doesn't mean that it can't be used all year.

Anyway, here is the final look of the tiny closet. And, very organized! I'm pleased! But, the sun was beaming in our bathroom and messed with the camera, so it came out all funny...

Top shelf: Spa pillow for the huge tub (thanks to my MIL!)
Next: Baskets for Jason's extras, dental extras, and my extras (minus the obsession)
Third shelf: Hand towels & washcloths (that I totally purchased today for just $2.08 each at Target - hello!) and my leafy bin filled with Vanilla Bean Noel!!!!
Bottom shelf: Extra set of sheets for us in the leafy bin and bath towels (Sad I wasn't able to find towels...these are out other set. The main set are white with blue,green, and brown trim).
In the drawers: Top - extra sheets for guest air bed for those that dare to stay in the office. Bottom - beach towels.

I got donated random beach towels that didn't have a match, got rid of the bleach stained towels, and donated that pink fluffy robe.

That is all for today's Bowl Full of Lemons Challenge.

Stay tuned for a very silly post coming up! What does Daddy + Little Boy + Wii = ????


  1. Your's is about the same size as mine. I can't fit much into it excpet the linens. I'm just thankful to have tons of cabinet space in my bathrooms. :)

  2. at least you HAVE a closet for linens!! we just have our regular closet. all that other stuff goes under the sinks!!

  3. Nicely done! Oh, I know allll about being obsessed with Vanilla Bean Noel. It's scrumptious! :) Smart cookie for stocking up.


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