Friday, January 7, 2011

Waiting for Snow, I think.

If you were looking for Day 6 of the Bowl Full of Lemons dresser didn't come today :( So, organizing the dresser for the boys' room is not able to be posted yet... Hopefully, Mr. UPS Man will come tomorrow... That closet of death is killing me.... You have no idea what lurks in Andrew's closet right now. No idea.

In the meantime...

After nap time this afternoon, Andrew and I work on a little winter picture. Snowy Hand Trees!

Yes, those are my little boy's hands. They are so much bigger than they were at Thanksgiving when he did a turkey (click here to see it). Wanna do this with your child? Grab some paper, a glue stick, and some paint. That is all you need! Oh, and you will need the Wet Ones, too!

While we were doing this little project, I told him about how we might get some snow. So, he had to check that out as soon as we were done.

But, then he saw some birds came to visit our bird feeder (finally! I've only had the thing filled for 2 weeks...).

 Uh-oh. He realized I was taking pictures. Can't you tell he is totally saying, " more." Haha. Nope, not ever, little man.

And check this out, just before I got him up from his nap, I got the mail. He got his first book from the Dolly Parton Imagination Library. AND! It's his Daddy's favorite. AND! It's about a train! Score!

Also, just so you know...we've had a bit of a late start on a few of our resolutions... But here is the beginning of the recycling. We are going to do paper and coke cans to start. Once we have a habit of doing this, then we will add in glass and #1/#2 plastics. Since, we aren't sure how well our attempt at this is going to be (since AL sucks and is sooooo far behind the rest of the world in recycling - and other things -don't get me may be another post....) Our "recycling station" is done very cheap with Publix reusable bags. The top is for paper and the bottom is for cans.

As for our other resolutions, it's been going well for most of them. The "taking Andrew to Mass" thing has yet to start. But next week is a new week! We can do it!

How are you resolutions going?

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