Friday, January 14, 2011

Fridays are the Best

Unless you have a glucose test in the morning...lame. But, enough of that!! That is the last time I will ever do it! YAY! But let me just tell you... I was STARVING after my doc appt. The "eating rule" before a glucose test is so mean to pregnant people. SO MEAN! So, after, I went straight to McDonald's (Bad I know. I don't care!!). A bacon, egg, and cheese biscuit never tasted so gooooood!!!!!!!!

Anyway, this morning did have a very cute start. Andrew was just starting to wake up when I went to get him out of bed this morning and ready to go. I said, "Andreeeeewwww, wanna go play with Zach and Grace?" He popped out of bed so fast, eyes still closed a bit a shook his head "yes." What a funny little guy! He loves going over to play with all of Zach's trains and Grace must be awesome. He said her name a few times, I was told! So cute! Zach (with the help of his Mom, of course - thanks!) gave him some train tracks, too! Look how big our "Island of Sofa" is now! I know, it is the Island of Sodor...but he plays behind the Island of Sofa.

And that phone below...also a Thomas and Friends gift from Zach. :D He's been "talking" all day to someone and would not stay still for a second to let me take a picture. Probably my fault. See, I walk around the house while I'm on the phone. I also talk with my hands. And, I burst out laughing. Andrew now does all of those things when he is on the phone. Awesome. It's funny to see yourself in another person. Cute, but strange...

Anyhoo! Happy Friday everyone!

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