Sunday, January 23, 2011

The Simple Things

Welcome to another week of the Simple Things, hosted by Simple as That! So, what made you smile this week?

Andrew likes to help me get the mail, and on Wednesday, Southwest sent me a pretend credit card. I love you, Southwest. You are the only airline for me. All others - YUCKO!!! You don't see Southwest getting hijacked, do you?! Anyhoo! I love you, but no credit cards for us. Thanks. Andrew likes the card though. It has a giant airplane on it and he was rather interested in it. Especially since moments later, a Southwest commercial came on and saw that the 2 pictures matched up pretty well.

Of course, he is Mr. Serious, so you can't really tell how excited he is about this card with the airplane on it. Sillypants. :)


  1. I forgot to say the hair is my favorite, too!

  2. Don't you wish we could all channel our inner child and get as excited as simple things like junk mail? Too cute!!!

  3. Rachel - isn't is the best?! He woke up with it like that!

    HeatherV - oh yes very much so!


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