Sunday, January 16, 2011

Playing Together (sort of)!

Finally! Andy and Max seem to have a game that they can play together (with us watching close by)! It is so exciting and the funniest thing ever! Tug-of-war!

If you have trouble viewing, click here

Now, since we have grandparents and great grandparents watching these vids closely, I am sure they are all wondering why a band aid is on Andy's forehead... Or, you never saw that until I said it just now, which made you watch it 4 more times and beginning to think of all the crazy things that could have happened. 

Well, while we were going in and out of Andy's room taking things out and placing things here and there (now that the fabulous dresser is up and even more fabulous than we thought)... There was a crash. Followed by a screaming little boy that every parent runs to in a heart beat. 

Yep, he thought he could stand on his little chair while we weren't looking. He was right. But, he didn't realize what he would crash into... 

The coffee table. 

I can actually hear the gasps from the grandmothers (even though they are 5 hours away). And maybe a "I told you to move that thing!"

Ugh! He has a cut on his forehead. Cleverly disguised by Buzz Lightyear, of course. NO! No stitches needed... Not even a drop of blood really. And no concussion - I checked. After being a lifeguard for 6 years (and counting probably...I should get a re-cert, huh? Only a year overdue...), it's kind of embedded into your brain to check for that after busting your noggin... Oh, and no bruise! Yippee!!
Quite an eventful day, eh? Well, at least he is ok and has no bruise/concussion.

Once he was calmed down and semi-happy, Jason looks at him and then at me and says, "I don't know how parents do it! He's going to go to school soon - BY HIMSELF!! What do we do when he gets hurt there?"

I didn't answer then... I wasn't really sure at the time. But, I guess what every parent has done forever. Pray. 

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