Monday, January 3, 2011

Top o' the desk to ya!

Well, it's day #2 over at A Bowl Full of Lemons and I wasn't excited about this... The top of the computer desk. Really?! Come on! First of all, I HATE this room in our home. This is the only room that is never organized, never cleaned right, never arranged right. I HATE it! So I was not too thrilled about this. See? The tops of both of our desks (yes, said top of your desk not your spouses. We are in the same space though and, well, I had to do it):

My sad little desk...

His monster sized desk that is too big for even for the Beanstalk Giant (you know...Jack and the Beanstalk... what's that giant's name?). This obnoxious thing will be gone one day. It is NOT invited into our next home. And, if it finds its way in...then it will be in the basement...or in the fire pit. 

And now for the afters....not much of a difference. But so? The challenge was the TOP of the desk. Not the whole room or anything else!

Clean and pretty for the most part.

 I never know what I'm allowed to move out of the way with Jason's things. So, I did as much as I could.

Surprising things:
  1. Why is it so hard to just put stuff in the trash when it is...trash?! 
  2. Do you know how much dust was there?! Look at the shine on his desk? It is still a monster though. And, I still hate it. Goodbye, desk. You will not be here for much longer. Can you say Craigslist!?
  3. Hehe - I physically connected the printer to his computer (which was hooked up to mine). 
  4. I couldn't print from my computer anymore...even though it has the capability. I just couldn't do it right.  (more later about why I switched this up)
  5. Jason fixed it when he got home. Ok, that isn't surprising. He's amazing. What's surprising is that I just can't read... I checked the wrong connection box. Lame. 
So, even though this was not exciting in the beginning, it is done and new things are coming from it. You'll see later this week. Fun!

Now, if cleaning/organizing is on your goals list this year or you just like a challenge, then go here:

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