Monday, January 10, 2011


Did you get your milk and bread? LOL!!!!! I still don't get it. But apparently, if Alabamians even think the word "snow" the stores are packed with people purchasing excessive amounts of milk and bread. Thank goodness, I am a Floridian stuck in Alabama...otherwise I'd be one of those waiting in line, too. Ugh.

But, even though I joke about the "snowed-in" folks (the city seriously shuts down...we just don't have the resources to salt the major highways and such, I think is the problem. Oh, and the Rednecks don't know how to drive in it), this is what last night looked like at around 8:30:

Yes, those are tire tracks from my car. We drove home from a fab friend's home after watching the playoffs (ahem...the men watched the game - Packers/Eagles fans, and the wives and kids played Wii, talked, and ate. Good times!!). And we didn't need the milk ad bread to keep us alive. LOL! Sorry, it is just too funny. You just don't know (Tell, unless you moved to AL and then you know...Those born/raised here, well, I just will stop there. Still love you though!). And then this was just after midnight:

Pretty, isn't it? I love snow. We got about 2 inches, maybe a little bit more. I wouldn't exactly call it "terrible" as most are saying. But the city is closed. Jason is home today and it is wonderful!
Once Andrew FINALLY woke up (I was about to run in there and get him so many times...) at 9, we ate a yummy pancake breakfast and then got all geared up. It was pretty funny to watch him in the snow. He didn't know what to do really and had some trouble walking in it. It wasn't nice and soft, either. But you'll see :)

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Did you get snow this weekend?

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