Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oak Mountain

Warning: There are a LOT of pictures in this post!

Yesterday, the weather was so gorgeous and Andrew was feeling back to normal (he just got over a stomach virus - but was amazingly better after going to the doc...hmmm), so we headed out to Oak Mountain. We have been dying to take Andy to see the little Farm. He is definitely a farm guy. Can you guess which animal he loved the most? It may surprise you :)

This sign cracks me up. It is pretty cute :) When we used to come here before we had Andrew, no one was allowed to feed the animals. But, the rules have changed. We didn't do this though. Maybe next time.

Andrew pointing to the goat and wanting to get a closer look.

Seeing if they can get closer. Look! They are walking the same! Cute.

The little stable with the little lambs.

How cute is this little pony? Love him!

The goose. Andrew liked how he honked at us. He even said "quack, quack!" back to him. He called him a duck, though. LOL.

Trying to get closer to the goose.

Going to see the pony.

They went to pet the pony. My goofy camera didn't grab that pic... But, he didn't really like to pet him anyway. 

The goose. He seems to be keeping an eye on us. Haha!

Really excited about this goat. 

Andrew liked him more than the pony, I think. He thought that his horns were pretty cool, too. 

I had to take a pic of this guy. He looks like our dog, Max. Beard. Stance. Everything but the color and the horns. Pretty crazy. He also has his personality..."don't mess with me right now."

The pretty running horses! 

Getting up close with a goat. Yes, it did scare me a bit. But, these animals really were friendly and are very used to people. So, I got over it quickly. :)

Taking a bridge to see the bigger horses. 

Andrew liked this horse better than the pony. I thought it would have been the other way around because of their size. Guess not.

How cute are these lambs? They were born on the 27th. 2 days before we came to visit. They are 2 days old. 2 days! Look how adorable they are. 3 little boys :) The mommy looks like she is smiling, doesn't she?
Yep, I gave in a let a pic of me be taken with 10 weeks to go. UGH! Anyhoo, my little guy loved the farm. I am so glad we took him on such a beautiful day! So, did you guess which animal was his favorite?

The goose. If he heard the goose, he let go of us and run to find the goose. If he saw the goose, he followed it. He loved the goose. Out of all the animals we saw, that really surprised me that he liked that one most of all.

Picnic time! We drove over to one of the lakes just a few minutes down from the barnyard. Just like a boy...squirming away! Humph!

"Ok, you took my pic and I ate lunch. Can I go play now?"

Time for some football!

He gave it all he had. LOL

Trying to play catch is a little difficult to do when there are so many cool things around. 

It was a great day!!

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