Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I love my job

The hours are terrible in the beginning, but as you go along it! Plus, I have a pretty awesome boss. He may not talk much, but he still gets what he wants. Today, all he wanted to do was pick up people at the airport, head to the farm, and get the kitchen cleaned up. I was almost in trouble when we were at the farm, but it was easily handled once he knew the problem.

Would you like see what my job was like today?

Getting everyone's luggage and ready for pickup.

Filling up the tank at the gas station

Heading out to the farm with the groceries. 

"Mama, you are supposed to be working at the farm...not taking 500 pictures." You can totally tell that is what he is thinking. So, I quit for a bit and set up some of the animals.

Apparently, something isn't right... This is where I thought I was in trouble.

Whew! Just a mismatch of the animals. See, there are 2 sheep at the farm. One is a baby (even though it is the same size as the other) and has an ear up. The other has both ears down. My mistake. No worries.

Now is is time to clean up the kitchen before I'm not really sure what. And, yes, that is one of my towels that he has stolen. He knows where I keep them and can reach in the drawer to grab for it (by feel not sight...still a bit too short). He always wants one of the striped ones, too. He must see me clean up with those. They are awesome towels.

Oh, wait! Looks like he got a phone call from...I couldn't make it out. But he had quite a conversation with whoever it was.

I love my job! Even though I do want to pull out my hair sometimes, I wouldn't trade it for anything in the whole world!!


  1. What a great 'boss' to work for, I agree! He's precious! Love him so much!!!


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